Traffic Tips That Will Change Your Life

What’s that, you say?  How can a website—even a well-trafficked website—change your life?  Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?  Not at all.  It might be exaggeration to suggest that you can retire young or become a millionaire in just a few months because of a great web campaign.  However, believe that many online entrepreneurs are making a full time living starting their own web company.

Whether you market services, an entertainment site or an online store, you can use SEO strategies and traffic generation techniques to your advantage.  By applying these techniques, you can take your company to the next level.  You could start generating thousands of clicks a week and eventually earn enough money for a part time job.  You could even expand your web presence and eventually make blogging and promoting your website your full time position. Continue reading

You Can Create a Traffic Explosion on Any Website You Own!

What separates you, the beginning webmaster, with probably nothing in the way of capital, from the successful Internet entrepreneur?  Would you believe it’s just a few secrets of traffic generation?  Oh yes, believe it.

If you bring in the traffic, you will have the Internet world by the throat!  You will be able to negotiate with other website owners.  You will be able to sell products.  You will be able to bring in advertising revenue.  It doesn’t matter what kind of website you operate, provided it fits into the current market and gives your readers something new and interesting to read every day. Continue reading

5 Tips for Mega Traffic Generation

So you learned the basics of SEO, but are still having some trouble breaking the top 20 search rankings.  Oh, excuse me, the top 50.  Hey, don’t sweat it.  A lot of webmasters face some tough challenges in the beginning.  Fortunately, there are sources of help online.  And here is one of your sources right here!  Let’s review five tips that are guaranteed to increase your web traffic. Continue reading

Does Your Website Need a Little CPR? More Like a Little SEO!

Warning: your website is dying a slow and painful death.  You lost what little traffic you had and now you’re lucky to get two new hits a day.  Your website is in serious need of some CPR…or more specifically, some SEO.

A little Search Engine Optimization magic is the answer to your web traffic problem.  Whenever websites seriously tank in the rankings, and thus lose their entire audience, it’s usually because the site is not being actively displayed anywhere.  No one is going to know about your awesome online store or entertainment site unless it is (A) consistently being advertised or (B) is showing up in search engines on a regular basis. Continue reading

Warning! Make Sure You Have Enough Bandwidth Because Your Traffic is About Going to Soar!

That’s right kids, make sure your web hosting service has unlimited or near unlimited bandwidth capabilities, because after you read our secrets of getting mega web traffic you will be bringing in new web viewers by the thousands!

What are the secrets of generating massive web traffic?  Let’s give you a few hints.  It has nothing to do with pop under ads or email spamming.  It has nothing to do with paying hundreds of dollars for a banner advertisement.  The best way to generate web traffic is to give your audience something fantastic to read and to make sure your work is noticed by the online community. Continue reading

Help Me! My Website is Failing!

Relax, relax, little one.  It is indeed a scary thing when a website—which presumably cost you hundreds of dollars to prepare—is failing miserably.  You keep writing great content but you’re only getting a few hits a day.  What can you do?  Don’t pull the plug yet.  There are a few things you’re probably missing.

First, you cannot expect massive ratings if you are only publishing great content but not doing anything in the way of Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine Optimization is not just a matter of adding keywords.  It’s an all encompassing project that takes into account domain names, descriptions, META tags, labels, and many other aspects of web design. Continue reading

How to Destroy the Online Competition

Now we’re talking!  Are your competitive juices flowing?  Are you ready to challenge the online competition with your web company?  Before you go out swinging that sword, take a few important reminders to heart.

Massive traffic generation results from a combination of factors.  Do not devote yourself to one technique.  Do not blow hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to pay for an expensive advertising campaign.  Instead, focus on learning the basics of traffic generation. Continue reading

Mistakes You Amateur Webmasters Are Making in Traffic Generation

Hey, everyone was an amateur at one point.  Thankfully, there are mentors who can help us and steer newbs in the right direction.  Well this is your lucky day, kid!  We’re going to list five mistakes that amateur webmasters are constantly making.  Avoid these mistakes and you’re already well on your way to the top. Continue reading